Peace in our Schools

The beginning years are critical in forming a child’s mind, social skills, cognitive development and interaction with others. When a moral foundation is laid with positive character traits such as respect, compassion, forgiveness, asking, self-control and honesty, that child is guaranteed to live a more peaceful life.

This manual has been especially designed to begin teaching character from newborn through the age of four. The lessons can also be used to read to and teach a baby even while he’s still in the womb! The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program Early Learning For The Formative Years can help children develop positive social skills so that they can interact respectfully with others, no matter the age.

This program is filled with suggestions and tips for parents and teachers to foster positive character in the very young, with lesson plans and activities for babies, toddlers and preschool children. It is an invaluable tool to teach children concepts that will help them make right choices, have healthy, respectful interactions and avoid risk-taking behaviors. Many studies have shown that early character education can curtail problematic behaviors in childhood through adulthood.




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