National Character Education Quiz

  • The National Character Education Quiz (NCEQ) 2018 came on successfully between November 12th and 13th this year which was preceded by a one month in house training for the schools by the Staff of the Peaceful Character Education Foundation (PCEF). For the maiden edition of the quiz we had 9 schools scheduled to participate.

  • The National Character Education Quiz (NCEQ) Competition took place on the 26th and 27th November 2019 at the Korkdam Hotel Conference Center and saw Silicon Valley being crowned Champions for 2019. All competing schools came prepared and poised to win the trophy and to attain the champions status.

    The NCEQ is a competition for JHS Students with the aim of teaching the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program (PSCEP) as a tool for positive character development. It’s a project by the Peaceful Character Education Foundation (PCEF). Being a participant of the NCEQ would give both students and teachers an opportunity to learn diverse ways of building a strong positive character. It presents an opportunity to learn a lot of practical ways to solve common societal and national problems. The School benefits from having young students and teachers alike with strong positive moral values which would have a ripple effect of changing the hearts and minds of not only participants but the entire teacher and student body.

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