People Against Violent Examples(2019), our annual anti violence viewing campaign came on successfully for Ghana this year on February 12th 2019. PAVE is a coalition of people (volunteers) from all walks of life across the globe, who stands against any form of violence. The campaign is aimed at educating and creating awareness of not viewing violent acts or scenes on TV and/or not engaging in any form of violence for one day. 

This year the event was marked in the winning school for our NCEQ 2018, Start Rite School. As part of events to mark  the competition various volunteers with the Peaceful Character Education Foundation (PCEF) joined to educate the students of Start Rite School on the dangers of violence viewing such as video games, violent entertainment etc.

Prior to the final PAVE day campaign PCEF organised various community awareness programs across the country and also social media campaigns.

We would like to appreciate all volunteers and participants for being a part of this years campaign. We look forward to working with all the team in subsequent campaigns. 

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